Events Services Protection, a close protection company, ensures discreet but efficient protection for many personalities in the fields of business and during cultural, festive and sporting events both in France and abroad.

This commitment requires an effective recruitment process. The profile of our security officers depends on the requirements and the demands of our clients. The care with which we choose our agents ensures the success of our services and the strength of our partnership.

All our agents are trained and experienced and able to carry out our missions successfully: they can rely on the support and expertise of our managers who are available for them.

Furthermore, the diversity and the wealth of talent provided by our employees create a synergy of skills that guarantee a high level of service.

The services we provide incorporate the following missions:

  • Preparation and supervision of the movements of the personalities requiring protection
  • Reflection about and deployment of protection measures
  • Protection of personalities
  • Crisis management, and in particular setting up an evacuation plan, if the situation worsens.

Events Services Protection, for its physical protection activities of people, has been certified by the Conseil National des Activités Privées de Sécurité [French national council for private security activities], under the authorization no. AUT-078-2114-04-10-20140457495 dated 13 April 2015.

L612-14 of the French internal security code: The authorisation to exercise [security activities] does not grant any public powers to the company or to those who benefit from it.