Events Services Sécurité is company that looks after the security matters of property and people, and that takes care of security at cultural, festive and sporting events.

We are committed to securing, protecting and defending the property or the organization of events of our clients thanks to our skills in being discreet and effective, and our ability to act as a deterrent against hostile actions.

This commitment requires an effective recruitment process. The profile of our security officers depends on the requirements and the demands of our clients. The care with which we choose our agents ensures the success of our services and the strength of our partnership.

All our agents are trained and experienced and able to carry out our missions successfully: they can rely on the support and expertise of our managers who are available for them.

Furthermore, the diversity and the wealth of talent provided by our employees create a synergy of skills that guarantee a high level of service.

The services we provide incorporate the following missions:

  • Welcoming spectators and supporters
  • Filtering and checking tickets at the control points
  • Guiding spectators and supporters to the right entrance
  • Security through prevention